Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ditch those presets and join me on a journey, into sound!

It has been two years since I concluded my Micron - Patch a Day project. I love the Micron, and no doubt will go back to it at some stage (or maybe even an Ion, one day...) but back in March 2010 I sold my much loved silver and red box and bought a Novation A Station. A great synth for tweaking but sadly I don't have the room to keep a rack of gear anymore and so, after only a few short months, it too moved on to pastures new.

Although I have a number of soft synths which I love messing about with (especially Reason), I very rarely sit down and get stuck into some patch creation; I dunno, just too may distractions I guess (and as my soft studio is laptop based it isn't always set up). Bottom line is I missed a hardware synth, there is something very seductive about sitting down and using a user interface designed solely for the purpose of making noises. And sometimes (occasionally!) very nice noises too.

And so I bought one. A new synth.

So what have I chosen? What have I plumped for over and above another Micron? I can almost hear the yells of Judas from the Micron users amongst you but yes, I got a microKORG  (!). I have a few reasons for choosing the Korg over another Micron, or something like a Novation K Station (the only other serious option I considered in my budget), as follows:
  • It runs on batteries (so can grab it while I have a spare half hour sat about on the sofa)
  • Although not as easy as synths with a non matrix UI, editing is a bit easier than the Micron (especially away from a computer)
  • The simpler architecture means that copying / sharing patch settings can be done via a few lines of text rather than .sysex files (for posting on blogs for example)
  • The simpler architecture also means that creating patches is not as daunting
And with my new synth comes a new project, similar in nature to Micron - Patch a Day... microKORG - Patch a Week! I really struggled to create a new patch every day so I have ditched that concept for a more realistic timescale of a new patch every week. Patches will generally be posted in simple text format although I plan on posting videos, audio files and maybe .prg files too if there is a demand (bear in mind I run OSX though).

So there you go. I appreciate a lot of you Micron users won't be able to follow my sounds on the new blog since the hardware is so different but I hope a few of you will read what I am getting up to, and possibly even try things out on your synths as we go along. Feel free to even post your results here, the more the merrier! microKORG  users, ditch those presets and join me on a journey, into sound!

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