Tuesday, 10 April 2012

MPAW Series - Analog Drum Kit (ADK)

Last night I decided to record a 100% microKORG track using the patches I have blogged about up to now. The only problem though, is that there are no drums to provide rhythm! Rather than compromise on my all microKORG philosophy I thought I would have a go at generating my own analog drum sounds on the microKORG. I could then load my hardware sampler of choice (the much underrated Zoom Sampletrak) with these to accompany my track.

Therefore the idea for the first MPAW Series was born! There are 8 samples in each bank on the Sampletrak so I decided to limit this series to 8 common drum and percussion sounds, as follows:

Patch 005 - ADK Kick
Patch 006 - ADK Snare
Patch 007 - ADK Hi Hat
Patch 008 - ADK Cymbal
Patch 009 - ADK Clap
Patch 010 - ADK Shaker
Patch 011 - ADK Tambourine
Patch 012 - ADK Drip

Obviously if I stuck to a patch a week this series will take me the best part of 2 months to complete. I therefore plan to publish 4 patches a week - traditional drum sounds next week and percussion sounds the week after (but this may change depending on how tricky the sounds are to program!).

As a bonus extra - I will then conclude the series by issuing the drum kit as a sample set (WAV audio files) so you can use in your own sampler without even having to program the patches yourselves (or even having to own a microKORG). Especially for Reason users I will also provide a refill ("The microKORG ADK") including a special Combinator patch housing a Redrum drum kit with all the samples preloaded. Hopefully these will be useful to someone. Check out the page with all the goodies here.

I haven't created any bass sounds for this blog yet either, which is something I'll address soon as well...

Note - The ADK Drip was a late replacement for a conga.


  1. I love this project and will be following it, I know quite alot of people who have asked how to get drum sounds on a microkorg and I can only think of 2 ways, run drum sounds through the MK from an external sampler, or create your own patch for the MK, but I can imagine it be difficult to program a drum sound on a synthesiser, but I look forward to trying these out and seeing how they sounds. Keep it up, love your blog.

  2. Thanks Zoahk, hope you're enjoying the patches so far!

  3. thank you so much for putting this together - very useful!