Thursday, 3 May 2012

ADK Samples / Reason Refill

As promised, all eight samples from the first MPAW Series, the Analog Drum Kit, are provided in the following zip file:

ADK Samples

All samples are in .wav format, 16 bit, 44.1kHz. If any of you are interested they were sampled dry directly via the line input of my Zoom H2 digital recorder and subsequently trimmed / normalized in ReCycle / Bias Peak Pro.

For all you Reason users, I have also created a custom Refill using these samples:

The microKORG ADK

The samples are provided with the Refill container in the same format as given above, but I have also provided these all wrapped up in a Combinator with programmable Matrix Sequencers for the Kick, Snare and Hi Hat samples. The microKORG ADK Combinator comes resplendent in a custom skin as shown below:

Special thanks must go to a Discovering Reason article on the Propellerhead website, and the associated .cmb file, which formed the basis for my microKORG ADK Combinator.

NOTE - I have now included "The microKORG ADK" Refill on my new blog dedicated to Reason where I intend dumping a lot of my archived Combinators and Refills as well as any new stuff I dream up. Check it out here Reason users. 

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