Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Patch 011 - ADK Tambourine

I actually started today's patch using the settings for Patch 010 (the ADK Shaker) as I felt I was close to a tambourine sound. I felt it was missing two things however - the ringing like repetitions of the tambourine plates shaking, and a metallic tone.

I will deal with the metallic tone first. I played about with the filter settings (mainly with the resonance) on both the LPF in Osc 1 (set to noise) and the standard HPF and simply by adjusting these controllers the sound became more complex (as I discussed in the ADK Cymbal post, a complex harmonic spectrum is needed for metallic percussion), and thus more tambourine-like. I increased the higher frequencies further by adding a boost to these via EQ.

To give the impression of multiple shaking jingles, I simply added a delay and adjusted the settings to taste (also tweaking the amp envelope slightly).

The result is a not entirely convincing tambourine, but for the same reason given in the posts for the other metallic ADK percussion elements (i.e. it is hard with a simple synth like the microKORG) I shouldn't be too downhearted. Having said that, I am sure a seasoned synthesist could make a better attempt than this...

Here are the settings (starting from init, shift+3):

Voice: SYT, SGL, PLY, ---, --- (unchanged)
Pitch: 0, 0, 0, 2, 5 (unchanged)
Osc 1: NOS, 115, 51, ---, ---
Osc 2: SAW, OFF, 0, 0, --- (unchanged)
Mixer: 127, 0, 0, ---, --- (unchanged)
Filter: HPF, 68, 59, 0, 0
Filter EG: 0, 64, 127, 0, ON (unchanged)
Amp: 127, CNT, OFF, 0, --- (unchanged)
Amp EG: 3, 46, 0, 46, ON
LFO 1: TRI, OFF, OFF, 10, --- (unchanged)
LFO 2: SIN, OFF, OFF, 70, --- (unchanged)

Patch 1: LF1, PTC, 0, ---, --- (unchanged)
Patch 2: LF2, PTC, 0, ---, --- (unchanged)
Patch 3: LF1, CUT, 0, ---, --- (unchanged)
Patch 4: LF2, CUT, 0, ---, --- (unchanged)
Mod FX: FLG, 20, 0, ---, --- (unchanged)
Delay: STR, OFF, 40, 47, ---
EQ: 320, 0, 2.25, 6, ---
Arpeg. A: 120, 1.16, 80, UP, 1 (unchanged)
Arpeg. B: OFF, 0, ON, 8, --- (unchanged)

Note 1 - For some reason, unbeknown to me, today's patch sounds better in the upper octaves (does the LPF for Osc 1 track the keyboard?)
Note 2 - As an alternative to the use of noise alone, I did experiment with using a sawtooth wave in Osc 2 ring modulated with the noise in Osc 1 (Osc 1 turned off, or down low in the mixer) and although I liked the results, felt that the patch I ended up using fitted in better with the other ADK patches to date.

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